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Lenn and Bob
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas 2012 in Arizona

Thanks to all our friends and family for the generous support during 2012.  As we near the holiday season, we realize how blessed we are to be surrounded by so much love and kindness. You are appreciated.

This has been a year of learning and growing.  The Spirit of the Lord has blessed us with more faith.

Nov 2011 -  Lenn's trip to Vegas with Mitch to see the new bridge.  Mitch negotiates a bungee jump with the owners of Circus Circus.  We have a memorable mom and son time of fun and food.  Mitch takes home stuffed animals by playing "chicken flickin"on the Circus Circus midway. The video is hilarious. 

Dec 2011 - Lenn spends nine days with Summer in Denver, helping to re-organize a payment plan for Summer's house.  Summer steps up and takes the Dave Ramsey Financial Freedom course to change spending habits to saving habits. A good winter visit together and some quality mom and daughter time at a woman's holiday party.  Summer is struggling but is determined to manage, despite the poor economy. Trish and Charles have a holiday wedding and we wish them much happiness.

Bob, Lenn, Chuck, Evalyn, Patrick, Sheri, Michelle and Joyce all enjoy an AZ family Christmas dinner together.

Jan - 12th anniversary / holiday open house party. We so enjoy celebrating the beginning of a new year with friends and loved ones.  We are happy to be back in AZ to enjoy the mild winters and familar smiles. However we still had a fire in the firepit ...just to enjoy the 40 degree chill.  Sweet other-mother Robin goes to Denver to be with Summer and offer encouragement. Her love and support much appreciated.

Michelle's good friends, Carla and Treavor Wirth,  come to visit for three days.  Neighbors, Ken and Fran join us and we all go to Glendale Glitter and hot air baloon glow.  Quite a spectacular holiday event.

We celebrate Patrick's 38th birthday with him and Sheri at their favorite restaurant, Out Back, and have a tiny "no sugar added" cake to share.  Patrick is still thinking of ideas and screenplays for future movies.

Feb - Tyson has completed truck driving school training and is grateful for a job after a long dry spell.  He must drive long-haul with anothr driver, but his goal is to have a job that allows him to be home more.

Big boy Jacob's 4th birthday and G'ma Lenn arrives in KY 2.27, so we celebrate then instead of 2/25. He is a happy boy and loves to play and learn.  While in KY the entire Morris family and G'ma assemble nameplates for a MTS contract Mitch has with a military base in San Antonio.  Also, Evan and I go out to shop for jeans in tornado weather!! We get to have lunch with Uncle Frank and Lee, then, I take him to his YW/YM event, volly ball in the dark!  Julie played a lovely piece on the piano which was like a heavenly concert.  Of course, Mark and I played soldiers and chess. Caylyn was super busy as usual and has band practice until late...but still finds time to date.

March - Lenn travels to Denver for a beautiful and precious five day trip to be with Summer. The ladies celebrate with massages, a lovely dinner at a fine hotel with Tom Schoppet and his date, Sara.  Summer invites a few friends, Kelly, Michael and Bonnie over for a birthday dinner on March 6th.  She is celebrating birthday #36, but looks so much younger.  We take pictures and have her favorite, carrott cake ('cause it's a vegetable!)  Summer is struggling financially and is attending recovery meetings to deal with addictions that keep her from realizing her dreams and goals.  Always positive, Summer signs up for court reporting classes to, hopefully, suplement her income during the real estate slump.  The time with her is a treasure for eternity.

April - Overwhelmed by life, our precious Summer has a terrible accident and dies April 6, 2012.  Our hearts will never be the same. Friends and family gather to console...faith is tested and we can only hope that it was a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to take her to a place of peace she so richly deserves. Mitch travels to CO from KY and helps beyond measure. We celebrate Summer's life at a memorial 4/14 in Phoenix, where friends and family share stories and pictures of this beautiful and brave young woman. Robin, Kristi, Holly, Michelle, Carrie and many others prepare food, flowers and guest books for the 60+ people who love Summer. Summer's special friend, Isa, comes to Phoenix from Florida for her "send-off".  Patrick, Sheri and Ty kept spirits light, sharing fun stories with old friends.  On April 16, Verletta and I spend special time with Summer and then the family participates in a church memorial with beautiful music provided by Steve Coffin.  Tyson gives an especially tender talk and reminds us...families are forever, Summer is sealed to us for time and eternity and will be in heaven to greet us. Summer is lain to rest in the Mesa City Cemetary and Michelle plays Summer's requested music.  Bob, Mitch, Frank, and Lane are especially supportive. On April 23, we have another memorial service at Summer's church, Thorncreek Christian, and many CO friends attend.  Bob puts together a powerpoint to celebrate Summer's life in pictures. Shawn and Jessica Christensen, Tom Schoppet, Tony Silva and his girlfriend, Mariah, were very supportive.  Toni Wilkinson, Summer's roommate when they were flight attendants, generously came all the way from Lexington, KY and was a "sister/daughter" strength in helping with the Denver memorial.  Little Hannah and her dad, Josh, say a sweet and full-of-love good-bye to Summer.  We are all truly glad for the 36 years of Summer's smile and full-of-life memories.  Her brother, Patrick, is maintaining her memorial website at www.summerchandler.com where you can still add comments. Every day is a gift.  Be sure and tell loved ones often how much they mean to you.

May - Grieving is a process...and life goes on with God's help to heal.  Lenn travels to El Paso to spend Mother's day with Mollie.  They have both lost daughters so there is a special kinship.  Shawn and Elora are excited about moving into a new home and there is a fun Mother's Day cook out at Angela's house with Doug, Garrison and Shawn at the grill.  Mollie adores Doug's mom, Ann.  There are sweet and constant phone calls to Lenn from all the kiddos, all day long, to give "air" hugs and express much love, which is soaked up and appreciated.  Bob celebrates by joining Michelle, Evalyn and Chuck for dinner at Blue Adobe.  A good day for all!

Kristi and Ted Kupchik are married 5/18 at a family ceremony on a CA beach, and then have a huge Phoenix reception 5/26.  Kristi is a stunning bride and Holly a beautiful brides maid.  Robin and Vince host a lovely outside dinner and the event is a great beginning for the new couple. May they live happily ever after!

Memorial Day, Patrick and Lenn go to the cemetary to re-decorate Summer's grave with a shiny red/white/blue heart and then spend some time together in the old Mesa neighborhood. We share stories about relatives and honor their memories and gifts of encouragement their lives provide to the living. We honor Bob, Grandfather Huff and all veterans that sacrificed for our freedoms. Chris and Jennifer come visit a few days before going to see family in AZ City and before Heather gives birth to cute Hunter in June.

June - Evan joins us in Phoenix for a week+ visit and is willing to be proxy and baptized for brother, Ray, who died 5/23/11. Evan takes this priesthood ordinance seriously and we feel the spirit as he is baptized for his uncle Ray and then graciously is baptized for 5 or 6 other people while in the Mesa Temple.

We so enjoy Evan being around the old folks to cheer them.  GrandBob takes us on a fun trip to the Grand Canyon for a "fancy" lunch at El Tovar, and see native american dancers; a stop at Camp Verde Fort, an interesting evening at the Lowell museum to view Venus through a telescope...oh yes...and listen to the Big Willie Om-pa-pa Band....Evan's favorite (not)! Back in Phoenix to the Science museum, spend 5 hours at Bass Pro where Evan scales a wall and considers buying a Civil War repleca gun.  Michelle treats him to swimming pool time at her place and we even go to the water park.  Evan sweet talks G'ma into going down the waterslides together!  G'ma's spine and neck will never be the same...but what an awesome memory!

July - 7/1/12 Lenn celebrated 40 years of being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was a life changing event that has blessed Lenn and the family with happiness and purpose.

Bob goes to El Paso to celebrate Mollie/Mom's 89th birthday 7/4.  What a good son...and his reward is and playing golf with Doug at the Rio Ruidoso Country Club (sweeeeet), while Angela nursed a hand infection (saddddd).  In Phx, Michelle and Lenn celebrated 7/4 with dinner, a movie and 3 verses of Janis Joplin song "O Lord Won't You Buy Me A Color TV".  Truly an accapella red-neck prayer.

Good friend, Steve Coffin, serves as proxy 7/12 to do Ray's endowment.  Steve and Lenn were proxy for Ray's parents, and performed the sealing ordinance for Ray to be joined for time and all eternity with his family.  Steve, Barbara and Lenn go to lunch afterward and celebrate getting this important work done.  Good friends are a blessing and it's great to build memories that deepen that friendship.

Aug - Lots of Leo birthdays....Mitch Morris 8/7, Kristi Kupchik 8/9, Bob 8/15, Lenn 8/20, Trish (Robertson) 8/25 and Evan Morris 8/31. Frank and Constance give the perfect gift....a Blue Adobe certificate. Bob and Lenn are treated to a long (cool) weekend at Doug's place in Rio Ruidoso NM. Angela and Lenn shop while the guys play golf....it works!  Several deer come close to the house to be fed.  The last night we visit the Inn of the Mountain Gods....amazing resort on a lake.  Very beautiful at sunset.

Lenn travels to Long Beach, CA to visit Tyson and he arranges for a comfortable hotel room at the Aires. He is having a yard sale to try and make more room in his studio apartment. The sale goes well...except Lenn (Ty's "sherpa" for the day) keeps wandering off to look at other yard sales.  There are interesting political discussions over meals. Ty is really an excellent economist and would excel in a job of that type. Ty's ward members love him and are glad to see him on the Sundays he is not on the road.

August 31, 2012 Bob officially retires and it's Evans 13th birthday....reasons to celebrate.  Barbara and Steve Coffin invite us to dinner....cherished friends.

Sept - Official retirement family brunch for Bob at Blue Adobe....a new beginning of more golf and possibly helping Mitch with his Military Training Support business and the new Young's Bridge Adventure in Kentucky.  Bob has served his family and his country well and now has the time to enjoy every day just the way he wants....about time! Wishes for a long and fun retirement, sprinkled with interesting adventure.

Lenn spends 10 days in Sedona taking care of puppies while Bonnie and Barry look for a new home in IA.  Tony and Mariah bring Summer's puppies, Gracie and Reggie, to live in AZ.  Lenn sorts Summer's photos for a memory book. Bob and Lenn go to KY 9/26 for Mark Arron's baptism by his Dad.  Lenn, brother Frank and Evan go on a road trip to OH to see Aunt Aline while Bob and Mitch golf. Jacob gets a new tricycle and Bethany introduces her fiance, Rick, to the family.  They plan a Feb. 14, 2013 wedding.

Oct - An awesome 14 day Celebrity Infinity cruise for Bob and Lenn from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Guatemala, Costa Rica, through the Panama Canal to Colon, then to Cartagena Columbia and finally dock at Ft Lauderdale, FL.  Spent two days in FL visiting Bob's NY friend, Tom Nedlinger and Jean Saxton, Sandee Mitchell and family.  A surprise trip to the ER....but all turns out well for Sandee and we have a lovely visit.

Nov - Mark and Jacob participate in their first primary program.  Mitch finalizes the exciting purchase of Young's Bridge.  Michelle returns to school to work on her masters and is working with a real estate company developing charter schools.  She graciously hosts Thanksgiving for the family at her new home in Mesa.  Ty is fortunate to be in Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday, so he joins us with Patrick, Sheri, Evalyn and Chuck for a memorable Thanksgiving dinner together.  Lenn attends the Mesa Temple each week and is reuniting with friends from the Gilbert days....Bill and Susan Wilde, Tammy Van Cleve, Julie Dunn and Carolyn Dey.  She also learns from her church calling, teaching the 4th Sunday RS class.

Dec - Many holiday cards are sent to soldiers with love and appreciation.  Handsome brother Frank celebrates birthday 56 and Aunt Aline celebrated birthday 89 in Nov. Bob and Lenn host Christmas Day dinner and family comes together again for a feast and reunion in gratitude.  Shawn and Elora announce their engagement.  Laurie, Angela and Doug travel from Texas to attend the open house party Dec 29th.  What fun to have them in AZ and, yes, Bob is still romantic and brings red roses.  Bob and Lenn celebrate wedding anniversary 13 at the Ranch House, Lake Montezuma AZ and welcome 2013.

We are grateful for all the blessings God has given this family and close this year in peace.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back to Phoenix.....bittersweet

It all began Jan 2011.....Bob put in for jobs all over the southwest....and got an FAA offer in Phoenix! We had such great renters we didn't want them to move, so Lenn went to Phoenix to find a retirement-style casa, with no yard and a pool. Even though there are lots of homes available....a short sale takes a lot of time. Just to keep it simple, we (sadly) kicked out the renters, repainted and moved back to our Maldonado Rd home 3/2/11.

Feb 2011 - we were frantically trying to re-rent the Honolulu condo because of 6 mos still on the lease. Then, my brother Ray and his sweetheart, Lee, decided to get married on Valentine's Day. Bob donated his Continental flt points so I could attend...whew....8,000 miles in 4 days, but worth it to see the happy couple and celebrate with all the family. Lots of pictures were taken and the love-birds were happy Ray had a little bit of hair growing after the chemo and radiation treatments. He and Lee wrote their own vows and there were tears of happiness all around. They want to be together for all eternity....and I will take care of that part. We celebrated Jacob's #3 birthday and he blew out the candle so his wishes will come true!

March - return to Oahu to pack and be ready to move to Phoenix by 3/1/11. Bob had a training in OKC, so he was off-island for part of the month....but we got movers this time. Got renters for the condo.....stayed the last few days at a hotel, shipped the car....then to Phx and stayed in a Hilton, again thanks to Bob's points, until we could buy a bed and TV....took another 6 weeks for furniture to be delivered and 3 weeks for Bob's Saturn. We were very glad to be home, but will truly miss our new HI friends....and the weather!

April - Bob and Mitch meet in Reno/Sacramento area to facilitate Mitch's new online business, Military Training Support. The investors are very impressed with the talent and everything is a "go". Mitch worked very hard to put together all the intricate pieces for this huge success. The timing is perfect, as Julie has decided to close the Springfield Academy 5/31 to make time and be home to manage all the children's events, plus assist with this new profitable venture. She served the community well and may consider establishing a non-profit school in the future. Mark Aaron showed me how well he could sharp-shoot a bb gun by making the shovel go ping.

May -The first part, Ray got worse, so I went to KY to be with him and maybe help Lee some. He was moved to the Hospice floor of the hospital to try and get his pain managed. I went to see him every day and let him know of the events going on. Caylyn getting ready for prom, joining Jane Tenny (RM's sister) to go to Keenland to watch the KY Derby on TV and be part of the Derby experience -first time I had visited with Jane in 18 years, so we had a lot to catch up. We got Ray's Derby bet placed and brought Evan and Caylyn to visit Uncle Ray. Wonderful visits with Ray's daughter, Bethany Lenn, and son, Tony. Lee especially, and family, pampered Ray everyday.

Came home 5/15 to plan for Heather 's(Bob's step granddaughter) HS graduation event. Ty came to Phoenix from CA to celebrate with us and we truly had a fun family time. Ty always makes events a party. However, after just one week after Ray was release from the hospital, he passed away May 23. Even with Lee's valiant dedication to her sweet husband, he was simply too tired to fight. He was 62 yrs old. Frank has lost his best friend....and me too. However, we have a new sister we all treasure. We celebrate Ray's life and the love that he shared with us.

Another trip to KY for the funeral. Younger brother Frank and I comforted each other but Constance, Austin, Trent and many others all pitched in to ease Lee's work if we could. The funeral was attended by many kind friends and relatives we had not seen in a long time. Lee gave Ray a lovely and beautiful-heart-felt-send-off for her sweetheart. Ray's sense of humor gave us all a laugh....his final song was "Don't Worry, Be Happy". Yes, he lived a rich, full life but we were all hoping he and Lee would have a few more years together. He had a military funeral and is buried at Ft. Campbell KY. We miss him so and appreciate Lee joining the families together to continue celebrating Ray's life and sharing the love.

June - full of unpacking and sickness. It seems I've had whooping cough all spring and immune system was weak, so also got mono and valley fever. Finally discovered and properly diagnosed / treated. Hallelujah!! Plus, (good medicine) Miss Caylyn visits us in Phoenix and brings us a beautiful painting of hers. We cram in lots of activities with this talented young artist...Heard Museum, Annie stage play, Mesa Temple visit, before she headed back to KY band camp. Caylyn is so grown up and is taking college classes when she starts her Junior year. Oh, and previous Prom date, Bob, gets a second chance...lots of texting by those two!

July - both Bob and I have surgeries, so we do not go to El Paso for Mollie's 88th birthday. However, we do celebrate Michelle's birthday and enjoy a fun time with her. My sweet husband had to go back to OKC for 3 wks of classes. Sooooo, I travel to Denver to see Summer and get out of the heat. Summer, little friend Hannah (5 now) and I go to the Renaissance Faire. It was a welcomed respite from all the stress and sadness. Thank God for children and grandchildren to help us see the many beauties and possibilities of life. I'm in love with Denver...Summer and I have dinner with Tom and his new lady. Sure wish Bob and I could live in the cool each summer...Phx is brutal! Happy Birthday to pretty Julie! Used a free SW flt ticket to be with Bob in OKC. Yes, very hot but glad to be with my husband. We watched a weird hail storm ...glad to have some time together that did not require more unpacking or moving furniture! Also in July, Bob bought me a beautiful black Lexus with leather seats, etc. Guess he wants full possession of the Saturn...suits me! Got a beautiful new ride with lots of bells and whistles!!

August - An awesome birthday for Mitch who looks even more handsome with a few grey hairs at the temples. Mitch travels a lot for business and was able to visit with Summer in Denver. He still works with his bungee friends to set up jumps ....maybe from a tower in Las Vegas!
Bob and I spend our birthday week at Los Abrigados in Sedona....where we were married almost 12 years ago. We took a star gazing class and saw interesting sights via telescope, had dinner with Bonnie and Barry...Bob golfed and I took water aerobic and yoga classes. Another sad occasion, went to a memorial in Mayer for my friend Linda Gate's (Blake) husband who died suddenly. We went to Flagstaff on the Sunday after we left the hotel and spent the night with Chuck and Verletta Christensen. Shayla and her twin girls were there so the girls entertained us plenty. Chuck fixed steaks and we talked and talked. Next morning went back home via Prescott where I called my friend Peggy Spitz and visited by phone while Bob golfed one last time

BIG NEWS, Evan turned 12 Aug 31st and became a Deacon! All the family is proud of his decision to serve the Lord by passing Sacrament. He will have leadership opportunities with the Priesthood and is getting blessings already.....new bedroom furniture! Brothers, Mark and Jacob are glad to be home schooled with Evan. Of course, Julie is the best teacher on the planet and still finds time to assist with MTS . The family is truly blessed with her skills, talent and LOVE.

September - Mitch and Julie buy Caylyn a Marimba...uh, located in Phoenix. So, G'ma and GrandBob got to pack and ship the 7' instrument. Miss Caylyn just might get a scholarship because she is soooo talented. She sent us a video clip of her playing....she's awesome!

October- a visit to El Paso to visit sweet Mollie. We celebrate her birthday (finally) at Olive Garden. All the servers sing to her and give her a special birthday hat. We love getting together with all the TX family for a gathering at the new Lancer's club, Angela, Elora, Shawn, Garrison, David...and Evalyn and Chuck joined us too! A big cookout at Angela's and then breakfast the next day at Las Cruces with Holly. It's Holly's first year at college in NM. Then, sister Kristi announces her engagement for a May 2012 wedding. We have an interesting back-road trip home to AZ in time for a Happy Birthday dinner party celebration for Sheri!

November - Mitch & Lenn have a fun business trip to Las Vegas just to visit the new bridge and proclaim "WE OWN THAT TOWN!" Much chickin'-flickin' was done at the midway Circus Circus game and Ma really enjoy having the special one-on-one visit with #1 Son. Priceless!

We take one last trip to Hawaii in Nov to do all the things missed....submarine ride, golf for Bob at the Mid Pacific Country Club, lots of time with friends and a special Victorian tea party in Kailua with Miss Velma. We enjoyed staying at the Papaya Paradise B&B and recommend it to all friends going to Oahu. Bob and Jeanette Martz really provided a wonderful stay. Joe and Jeff both welcomed us and gave us a send off at the Hawaii airport with their smiles. We arrived in Phx at midnight 11/23 and had a great Thanksgiving the next day with Michelle, Patrick & Sheri, Evalyn & Chuck, Craig, Brian and Joyce. Everyone pitched in and we had an awesome feast....with much Mahalo for a safe trip home to enjoy with friends and family. Friday - would have been Grandfather Huff's 96th birthday and we remember him with much love. Verletta and Chuck invite us to their home in Gilbert to celebrate yet another Thanksgiving with Scott & Tracy, their TX kids, plus Shayla, Colton and the girls, Chris & Christy with Carter and baby Gracie, plus Christina and Sandy too. Food, fun and TALKIN' enjoyed by everyone!

Well, the 2011 Holiday Season is here. Spent 9 beautiful snowy days in Denver with Summer and plan a January visit to Ty in CA if he doesn't make it to Phoenix in December. We hope Lee, Frank & Constance will come this winter and stay a while. People are scattered....but we Celebrate Them Home in our hearts. We give thanks for a blessed year and appreciate the reason for the season....Christ's gift of love and peace for us to share with all.

We invite all to our New Year's Day come-and-go Open House on Sunday,
January 1, 2012 starting at 4:00 pm....We've missed you and would love to see you. Much Aloha!!
Bob and Lenn
2139 W Maldonado Rd, Phx, AZ 85041

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mele Kalikimaka MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Aloha family and friends,
2010 was very exciting and fulfilling. June was the month of moving our beloved Mollie to a retirement village apartment. She has lots of new friends and her living room overlooks the pool....to see all the guys in bathing suits?!? Mollie celebrated her 87th birthday, July 4th. What an experience with Tai Chi lessons and a big party where Mr. Han, a music professor at UT, and his family, serenaded Mollie with lovely songs and a performance just for her!

"On the way home" from TX, I stopped in Denver to visit Summer. Sweet Basil, her puppy of 10 years, passed away. It was good to be with her during that time and spent 4 wonderful days just hanging out. Later in the year, Summer got Gracie to keep Reggie company. An extra Colorado treat was spending Maria's July birthday dinner with her and Tom. Sure wish Bob was with us.

Mitch and Julie are hard at work. The Springfield Academy has taken off and Julie now has a growing staff to manage. Mitch is positioning his already-successful-website for military training support to go live in 2011. Both Mitch and Julie are serving to create huge legacy. Aunt Jane and Uncle Mark generously had the traditional Morris gathering for Thanksgiving. We all miss
Vincent and surely his spirit was at this annual Morris event. Mendel "Skinny" was there with sweet Bobbie. Bobbie and Mendel are, along with Kay and Fred, the A+ KY grandparents.

This year Bob and I enjoyed a HUGE family trip. In August, we went to Phoenix, visited all the friends and family and had a wonderful dinner at Blue Adobe with Patrick, Sheri, Evalyn, Chuck, Michelle, and friends, Carrie and Grace. Then, to a golf resort in Sedona for a week and visited with Verletta, Bonnie and Barry. Back to Phoenix where Trish picked us up for an awesome birthday dinner with her, Michelle, Heather and Marilyn (see pics). We miss seeing Taeven but delight in all the positive changes for him and beautiful Michelle.

We drove with Evalyn and Chuck to a special Labor Day memorial for Cathy. It was held at a ranch in NM near El Paso. We celebrated Cathy's life with good music (live band), good food (Dave's BBQ) and lots of friends and family(Angela, Elora, Garrison, Mollie, Tom & Maria). Laurie rode Sunny (Cathy's horse) to a special place at sunset and scattered Cathy's ashes. We felt her spirit there with us, celebratin' too. God Bless her and may we keep her wisdom in our hearts to pass on. We are all grateful to have spent a little more time with Cathy. Much mahalo to Angela, Laurie, Tom and Maria for putting this event together for family and friends.

From Phx, Bob went to Las Vegas to celebrate his NY cousin Joey's birthday, along with cousin Angela and Joey's wife, Stephanie. A good time was had by all. I went straight to KY where Mark Aaron, age 6, and I played serious soldiers, Jacob, age 2 1/2, and I read books together and we visited with Caylyn, now a grown-up 15, as she was on her way to band practice, church, hanging out with friends (Benji), etc. We had several family dinners with Ray, Lee, Frank, Constance, Austin, Tony, Kim, Sara, Ashley, Beth, Liv and the Morris crew. Awesome!

As a grandparent tradition, Bob and I took Evan for his 11th birthday trip. We drove from KY to West Virginia, played golf there, then went to Virginia for a 3 day historical trip. We visited Jamestown, Williamsburg, and the Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg WV on the way back to KY. Evan is a handsome and polite young man and we truly enjoyed the trip with him. Whew...lots of people in costume showing history skits, beautiful old buildings, cannons, caves, breakfast at Waffle House almost every day and swimming at the hotel indoor pool/hot tub. What a fun trip for everyone, but we hope it was especially fun for Evan.

From Ky, I went to visit Tyson in Long Beach and his friend, Dawn Van Landingham. I stayed with Dawn's gracious parents, Susan and Steve, and had a wonderful day of garage sales with Ty. Ty is now working at United Health and he is planning to finish another university degree.

We are especially grateful for Ray's returned health. After chemo, he was given a second chance to enjoy more time with pretty Lee and the family. Thank God for this special holiday blessing.

We enjoyed visitors this year...Verletta, Michelle, Frank, Constance and Austin, Steve and Barbara Coffin, and pretty Dawn. Bob and I toured the Laie Temple with Steve and Barbara and Bob was very impressed. It was a glimpse into eternity to share. I was blessed to have a ticket for an inside-the-Temple seat when Pres. Monson rededicated it Nov 21. Families are Forever!

Summer is spending the 2010 holidays with us while Mitch, Julie and family spend the holidays in Denver at her place. Snow fun for them! Sun for her! We are truly blessed with health, prosperity and much aloha in the family. Bob continues to be the hero with his hard work and great contributions to community and family. He is the love of my life and keeps everyone informed via FaceBook with pictures of our trips. We celebrate our 11th anniversary 1/1/11 and we are thankful for all the opportunities to love and grow here in Hawaii. May the Christmas season be celebrated for the gift Christ gave for all of us to share.

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